Happy New Year! 2013 🙂

Just been inspired by a video my brother Ed posted on my Facebook wall a while back. I finally found myself with a bit of free time today to sit on my lovely purple sofa and watch this video over leftover ratatouille lunch. If you get some spare time and haven’t already seen this video, I would highly recommend watching it, particularly if you’re interested in typography. Like my brother said it’s both interesting and relaxing. Inspiring too…

Inge Druckrey

Have had so much inspiration over the past few weeks, it’s been awesome but where to start?

I think one of my favourite discoveries this month is I used to go on a lot but this Awwwards website is fantastic too. Not only do you get to see the incredible talent being put to good use out there, but also you can start to spot contemporary trends and most importantly new ideas and surprises. It’s exciting to see what boundaries are being broken in web design.


Another big discovery over the past couple of months has been Pinterest (forgive me for being a little late on the uptake!). I enjoy following my sister & friends and am even trying to get my Mum into it as she is such a creative person and would pin some really cool images I’m sure (Mum if you’re reading this, please start pinning!). I find it’s a great resource for image searches for moodboards too. I create moodboards on there sometimes for my personal design projects using the private setting so all my friends don’t have to see my work! For other boards though, if you’re on pinterest please follow me cos then I’ll get to follow you too.


Another big inspiration recently was the Swiss landscape. Growing up in Switzerland definitely spoils you, not only is the scenery incredible but I miss the skiing & snowboarding at least once a week in the winter! Went back to my parents in Switzerland for 6 days over Christmas and we went up to the mountains to Verbier where my sister Chloe lives. The landscapes there are breathtaking. As I sat in my ski boots in the yellow blow-up chair just looking at the mountains I felt so happy. Mind-blowingly beautiful. Here are a few pictures (taken from my iphone 4 – sorry for poor quality!)


Needless to say I’m missing Switzerland a lot now that I’m back in Oxford, England where there are no mountains (unless Headington Hill counts!) but Oxford has many other good things to offer. Walked down Cowley Road yesterday on Saturday morning at 9am – a beautiful time to go walking there. Not many people about except for those setting up shop, getting ready for the day. Here are some photos which I took along the walk and will no doubt inspire my designing at some point:

oxford4 oxford3 oxford2 oxford1

Also, Daniel has just passed his motorbike CBT and once he’s done 2 more tests he’ll be fully-qualified to ride a motorbike with me on the back. We both just can’t wait as it means we’ll get to do lots more travelling and exploring UK & Europe and maybe even further afield. An awesome moment in my life was spent on a motorbike with Daniel. We were in Laos cruising along a beautiful road, sunset in full-swing and wind in our hair – awesome! May even have to invest in a gopro which reminds me of the great Gopro promo Hero 3* video I saw last month:

*try saying that 1o times fast!


This blog post could go on and on because am inspired every day but I’d better be going and will leave you with one last awesome video that Daniel showed me last night (if you’re sensitive to violence you may not want to watch, hippos heads may get cut off!):

Ian Robertson

Thanks for reading & much love


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