It’s been a while since I was last here but I’ve been busy getting a job! I now have the privilege of working for Rare Form New Media in Oxford. It’s awesome there…. lovely people and great work. We get to shoot each other with nerf guns, sit in the nice Oxford union gardens for lunch, pop over to Mission Burrito when hungry… and do some work too every now and then ;o) Check out our awesome new website complete with moose:


We have a lot of work on and get to meet some really interesting clients. Red Fusion is the latest site we just launched & which I got to be involved in:


I’ve been shown some awesome & useful new sites (if you’re a designer that is!). Here are just a handful of them: (and such a cool jungly theme on there too…)


Lost & Taken (if you are crazy for textures like me, you might just love this…)


Pattern Tap


Stock.Xchange (free stock images!!!)


Site Inspire (ok, I know I’ve mentioned this website a lot before but it shows some amazing cutting edge sites so I’m afraid, here it is again…)


It hasn’t been all work and no play though! Been lucky enough to enjoy a lot of family celebrations recently… Daniel’s sister Abi and her Mikey got engaged, Daniel’s big bro turned 30, my Mum had her birthday, my Dad had his 60th birthday bash filled with rock n’ roll & rhythm n’ blues, next week is Daniel’s Mum’s birthday and then it’s Daniel’s the week after that – lots of happy celebrations. Also, Daniel and me moved to a lovely little flat in Risinghurst and got ourselves our first very own sofa… and it’s purple. A great place for writing the blog too I might add. I’m really enjoying settling into our new little flat together, making art & animations together, and life here in general.

Speaking of making art, I’m hoping to get back into it more now that I have some free time after work and on weekends. Illustration Friday is a cool website which is going to help. I discovered IF recently and intend to start taking part. Hope to post some of me sketches/paintings here in the near future. For anyone reading this who also wants to take part, here it is:

Thanks for reading & much love,


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