I thought that was a cool little video. I found it on Forgotten-Hopes,  a blog I just stumbled across yesterday. I love this blog. My own work is starting to take on a collage-y style so you will probably see why I am enjoying this particular blog so much. There are also images on the blog. Here is one by Andres Valerio:

I’m also loving the mix of computer-made fonts with hand-written fonts and on Forgotten-Hopes there is an illustrator, Kathryn McNaughton, who uses that style awesomely:

I’d highly recommend checking out Kathryn McNaughton’s Cargo Collective website, there’s some great work on there, such as:

Speaking of Cargo Collective, I’ll have my very own Cargo Collective website in 2 weeks time so if you’re interested to see my work, watch this space :]

I’m actually just taking a break from creating my very first typeface today. It has a bit of a collage element to it and before I started to work on it I was looking at various collage-style fonts for inspiration. Here’s one which I really love done by designer Senongo Akpem. He created it using Mixel, a new collage app:

For more handmade fonts, check out Handmadefont!

Anyways I’d better get back to my own handmade font! As I started with a video, thought I’d end with a video too. Here’s a great one which Daniel just sent me :] It’s called ‘Good Books, Metamorphosis’:

Thanks again for reading and take care,

With love, Gx

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