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The awesome photo & type treatment above sums up my mood right now! As I have a lot of work to do and can’t escape anywhere (just yet!) here are some other forms of beauty…

Neon Love

I’ve been listening to the folk radio quite a lot recently, there’s some cool music on there. A song just came on by ‘The Neon Love‘ and as I’m also loving all things neon at the moment I thought I’d check out their website. Here’s a very cool poster on there (designed by Sean Leonard I think):

I recently discovered bench.li through designspiration. There’s a fair bit of neon on there and I’d definiely recommend checking this blog out. It’s one of my favourites at the moment:


Sam and I were having a chat about music today and he told me about ‘Roger Dean’ who has illustrated/painted loads of cd covers. His paintings are not quite neon but definitely bright colours and a fantastical world:

Geometric Love

I’m loving geometric shapes at the moment too. There is some stunning photography but also a few interesting geometric bits and pieces on thingswelike.org:


I may also be heading to Dover bookshop this weekend to see if I can find me a copy of Altair Raindrops:


Site Inspire

Site Inspire is such a cool website we have been told about this week in class as we are doing a couple of web design briefs. It showcases some awesomely designed websites:

Through Site Inspire I discovered Jessica Caldwell who is awesome! The name Jessica is pretty cool too :]

And finally a few technical tools for web design that I’ve learnt about this week are Wirify and Balsamiq – both well worth checking out. Really useful tools!

Have a lovely day and thanks for reading again,

With love, G x

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