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Had a great exhibition last night at Blackall Studios in Shoreditch. My Shillington friends and I exhibited our portfolios to friends, family and industry pros. Congrats to all my friends – your portfolios are awesome and thanks to everyone who came to the exhibition. My portfolio website will be online in a couple of days and I’ll post the link here when it’s ready. In the meantime, please click on the link above if you’d like to have a quick look at a mini version of my portfolio. Please send me any questions, comments or feedback (good or bad!). I’d be really grateful.

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I thought that was a cool little video. I found it on Forgotten-Hopes,  a blog I just stumbled across yesterday. I love this blog. My own work is starting to take on a collage-y style so you will probably see why I am enjoying this particular blog so much. There are also images on the blog. Here is one by Andres Valerio:

I’m also loving the mix of computer-made fonts with hand-written fonts and on Forgotten-Hopes there is an illustrator, Kathryn McNaughton, who uses that style awesomely:

I’d highly recommend checking out Kathryn McNaughton’s Cargo Collective website, there’s some great work on there, such as:

Speaking of Cargo Collective, I’ll have my very own Cargo Collective website in 2 weeks time so if you’re interested to see my work, watch this space :]

I’m actually just taking a break from creating my very first typeface today. It has a bit of a collage element to it and before I started to work on it I was looking at various collage-style fonts for inspiration. Here’s one which I really love done by designer Senongo Akpem. He created it using Mixel, a new collage app:

For more handmade fonts, check out Handmadefont!

Anyways I’d better get back to my own handmade font! As I started with a video, thought I’d end with a video too. Here’s a great one which Daniel just sent me :] It’s called ‘Good Books, Metamorphosis’:

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Sundholm Design Dot Com ^

The awesome photo & type treatment above sums up my mood right now! As I have a lot of work to do and can’t escape anywhere (just yet!) here are some other forms of beauty…

Neon Love

I’ve been listening to the folk radio quite a lot recently, there’s some cool music on there. A song just came on by ‘The Neon Love‘ and as I’m also loving all things neon at the moment I thought I’d check out their website. Here’s a very cool poster on there (designed by Sean Leonard I think):

I recently discovered through designspiration. There’s a fair bit of neon on there and I’d definiely recommend checking this blog out. It’s one of my favourites at the moment:


Sam and I were having a chat about music today and he told me about ‘Roger Dean’ who has illustrated/painted loads of cd covers. His paintings are not quite neon but definitely bright colours and a fantastical world:

Geometric Love

I’m loving geometric shapes at the moment too. There is some stunning photography but also a few interesting geometric bits and pieces on


I may also be heading to Dover bookshop this weekend to see if I can find me a copy of Altair Raindrops:


Site Inspire

Site Inspire is such a cool website we have been told about this week in class as we are doing a couple of web design briefs. It showcases some awesomely designed websites:

Through Site Inspire I discovered Jessica Caldwell who is awesome! The name Jessica is pretty cool too :]

And finally a few technical tools for web design that I’ve learnt about this week are Wirify and Balsamiq – both well worth checking out. Really useful tools!

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In no particular order, here are some designers/artists who have been inspiring me over the past few weeks:

1. Justin Blyth (he also does the very cool Them Thangs blog)

2. Joel Evey

3. Nicolas de Staël

4. Megan Brock

5. Brian Dettmer (thanks for sending me the link Frankie!)

6. Eric Standley

7. London-based collective Heretic (Luke Frost, Jon Rundall and Therese Vandling)

8. Two Points

9. Andy Gilmore 

10. Jean-Luc Godard (inspired by a ‘Nouvelle Vague’ film brief we have been working on)

Thanks for reading again!

Much love, Gx