Another presentation at the design talk was given by Simon Lloyd and Christine Turner, Digital Heads from ‘Adam & Eve‘.

 <— that’s Christine & Simon!

This amazing couple have just won gold and silver for their John Lewis ‘Harmony’ campaign at the Big Awards. First up, here’s a little video about how they made the project:

And here’s a short video which shows the results:

Simon and Christine told us what turns them on… stories.  Great works of art tell a story. Even a tv ad for example tells a story, it has a beginning, middle and end.  One of the big projects that Simon and Christine worked on recently relating to stories, was Pottermore, J.K. Rowling’s new Harry Potter website.

Here’s some text taken from an interview with Christine and Simon:
“Pottermore was a completely different type of campaign. By far the biggest project that Simon and Christine have worked on, they started over a year prior to the actual live date. Simon and Christine were the only creative team involved and worked on the marketing and advertising of the site, art direction and branding as well as helping develop the concept of Pottermore itself.  The launch campaign focused on an announcement film in which J K Rowling would reveal Pottermore to the world. They utilised the huge fan base by releasing the co-ordinates of cryptic letters on the most popular Harry Potter blogs. The task to find them all and spell out Pottermore was supposed to take 2 days, it lasted just 3 hours. At this point the holding page for the official site went live, while at the same time owls started to gather on pages all over the web. When an owl was clicked on it would take you to a YouTube page with a countdown to the launch film featuring the author. ‘It was amazing to work on something with such a huge fan base. It was a bit like Christmas, you had this wonderful thing that was wrapped up and you could pull open a bit of the paper and tease people with it’ Simon said.”

This is my favourite shot from the Pottermore video:

And here’s the video itself:

It is really cool to see how the digital world is allowing us to be so creative and come up with marketing ideas which are out of the ordinary but create a real buzz. This couple has also given advice for people starting out their career in the creative industry. They both agreed a great portfolio was essential, but passion and enthusiasm were also key attributes. ‘You could have a brilliant book but if you come across like a bit of an arsehole you’re going to struggle’ Christine says. ‘It’s served us very well to be incredibly nice to everybody we have met, because you’ll meet them on the way up, and again on the way back down’ Simon says!

Their checklist to success is:

– Have a good, simple book

– Be Nice

– Meet everyone

What an inspirational couple Simon & Christine are. They gave a great talk and I have been inspired! Hope you have too!

Thanks again for reading.

With love, Gx

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