In the next few posts, I will be presenting some of the topics that were presented to us at ‘F**K THAT’S GOOD’. I’ll do a post per presenter. First up is Sanky, Co-Founder and Art Director of AllofUs and President of D&AD, and a brilliant and inspiring speaker!


 <– That’s Sanky

Instead of telling us about all the good things in design, he went through some of the bad things! He said to approach other things and go with unsafe ideas. He likes to think in opposites and encouraged us all to do that too, which is sound advice methinks. He mentioned Arden’s book (nice bit of typographical design here too!):

Anyways, here are some of the bad things Sanky went through in his presentation…

1. Hitler

The expression of hate.

2. Racism

Sanky told us of cases in design where it is still happening today, unbelievably. Plain stupid & ignorant, just like this sign:

3. David Carson!

A sleazy man who sleeps around apparently! He was however an influential graphic designer of the 1990s whose aesthetic defined the so-called ‘grunge typography’ era.

4. Boo.com

This site sounded like a bit of a design nightmare! It was widely criticised as poorly designed for its target audience. The site relied on Javascript and Flash to display 3d views of  Miss Boo, a sales-assistant avatar! The homepage displayed the warning: “this site is designed for 56K modems and above”!

Sanky did tell us about some of the things he thought were good too. A few of them related to our senses and how we can play around with our different senses to create poetry and beauty and humour!:

He also showed us a photo he had taken of a sign in a window saying ‘Written with perfume’.

Sanky reminded us of a quote from Ken Olsen (President, Digital Equipment, 1977) :

‘There is no reason for any individual to have a computer in his home.’

So as you can see from these examples, what you think might be irrational or impossible may in fact become completely rational and possible in the future!

At the end of Sanky’s talk, he gave us some great advice:

– In chemistry, opposites always attract. Same in life so think in opposites.
– Stop talking and start making
– Don’t be a racist or a pervert!
– Be professional & nice & polite & friendly to people

I’ll leave you with a video that encompasses opposites from the Two Ronnies and John Clease!:

Thanks again for reading!

With love, Gx

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