Another presentation at the design talk was given by Simon Lloyd and Christine Turner, Digital Heads from ‘Adam & Eve‘.

 <— that’s Christine & Simon!

This amazing couple have just won gold and silver for their John Lewis ‘Harmony’ campaign at the Big Awards. First up, here’s a little video about how they made the project:

And here’s a short video which shows the results:

Simon and Christine told us what turns them on… stories.  Great works of art tell a story. Even a tv ad for example tells a story, it has a beginning, middle and end.  One of the big projects that Simon and Christine worked on recently relating to stories, was Pottermore, J.K. Rowling’s new Harry Potter website.

Here’s some text taken from an interview with Christine and Simon:
“Pottermore was a completely different type of campaign. By far the biggest project that Simon and Christine have worked on, they started over a year prior to the actual live date. Simon and Christine were the only creative team involved and worked on the marketing and advertising of the site, art direction and branding as well as helping develop the concept of Pottermore itself.  The launch campaign focused on an announcement film in which J K Rowling would reveal Pottermore to the world. They utilised the huge fan base by releasing the co-ordinates of cryptic letters on the most popular Harry Potter blogs. The task to find them all and spell out Pottermore was supposed to take 2 days, it lasted just 3 hours. At this point the holding page for the official site went live, while at the same time owls started to gather on pages all over the web. When an owl was clicked on it would take you to a YouTube page with a countdown to the launch film featuring the author. ‘It was amazing to work on something with such a huge fan base. It was a bit like Christmas, you had this wonderful thing that was wrapped up and you could pull open a bit of the paper and tease people with it’ Simon said.”

This is my favourite shot from the Pottermore video:

And here’s the video itself:

It is really cool to see how the digital world is allowing us to be so creative and come up with marketing ideas which are out of the ordinary but create a real buzz. This couple has also given advice for people starting out their career in the creative industry. They both agreed a great portfolio was essential, but passion and enthusiasm were also key attributes. ‘You could have a brilliant book but if you come across like a bit of an arsehole you’re going to struggle’ Christine says. ‘It’s served us very well to be incredibly nice to everybody we have met, because you’ll meet them on the way up, and again on the way back down’ Simon says!

Their checklist to success is:

– Have a good, simple book

– Be Nice

– Meet everyone

What an inspirational couple Simon & Christine are. They gave a great talk and I have been inspired! Hope you have too!

Thanks again for reading.

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In the next few posts, I will be presenting some of the topics that were presented to us at ‘F**K THAT’S GOOD’. I’ll do a post per presenter. First up is Sanky, Co-Founder and Art Director of AllofUs and President of D&AD, and a brilliant and inspiring speaker!


 <– That’s Sanky

Instead of telling us about all the good things in design, he went through some of the bad things! He said to approach other things and go with unsafe ideas. He likes to think in opposites and encouraged us all to do that too, which is sound advice methinks. He mentioned Arden’s book (nice bit of typographical design here too!):

Anyways, here are some of the bad things Sanky went through in his presentation…

1. Hitler

The expression of hate.

2. Racism

Sanky told us of cases in design where it is still happening today, unbelievably. Plain stupid & ignorant, just like this sign:

3. David Carson!

A sleazy man who sleeps around apparently! He was however an influential graphic designer of the 1990s whose aesthetic defined the so-called ‘grunge typography’ era.

4. Boo.com

This site sounded like a bit of a design nightmare! It was widely criticised as poorly designed for its target audience. The site relied on Javascript and Flash to display 3d views of  Miss Boo, a sales-assistant avatar! The homepage displayed the warning: “this site is designed for 56K modems and above”!

Sanky did tell us about some of the things he thought were good too. A few of them related to our senses and how we can play around with our different senses to create poetry and beauty and humour!:

He also showed us a photo he had taken of a sign in a window saying ‘Written with perfume’.

Sanky reminded us of a quote from Ken Olsen (President, Digital Equipment, 1977) :

‘There is no reason for any individual to have a computer in his home.’

So as you can see from these examples, what you think might be irrational or impossible may in fact become completely rational and possible in the future!

At the end of Sanky’s talk, he gave us some great advice:

– In chemistry, opposites always attract. Same in life so think in opposites.
– Stop talking and start making
– Don’t be a racist or a pervert!
– Be professional & nice & polite & friendly to people

I’ll leave you with a video that encompasses opposites from the Two Ronnies and John Clease!:

Thanks again for reading!

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Gig Posters

Today I had a browse through one of the books in our library: ‘New Masters of Poster Design’ to look at some more collage inspiration for our Freitag advert. It’s a brilliant book, filled with gig posters. It reminded me a bit of one of Daniel’s cool books ‘The Art of Modern Rock’, also a visual amazement!:


In the ‘Masters of Poster Design’ book I came across Jewboy Corporation, an underground music scene designer/animator/illustrator/photographer/artist (!) based in Israel.:

Another cool design collaboration I came across in that book was ‘Design Pending Industries‘. I wrote their name down as I was flicking through the book in class and when I came home and checked out their website I discovered they have done a poster for QOTSA, a band I have never appreciated much but here’s a great poster of theirs!:

I love these guys

We had another ‘I love these guys’ session this week. It felt like a bit of a retro/reminiscing session as Michael presented Project Thirty-Three, an awesome site dedicated to vintage album covers:

Then Sam presented us old cassette covers on a flickr page! All the images on that page were of the designs of the blank cassettes you used to be able to get, to record onto. Unfortunately I haven’t found the same webpage Sam showed us, but here’s another one full of great images of cassettes.

It took us right back to the good ol’ days and memories of winding our tapes up with our pens! Reminiscing a bit, the first ever cassette I bought was Michael Jackson’s ‘Dangerous’:

Finally, my classmates Lauren, James, Helen, John and I now appear on the Shillington College website :] Here’s my profile!

Thanks for reading and have a lovely day :]

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By the end of this week we will be half way through the course! Time seems to have flown by, we must be having fun! We started off the week today playing around in Photoshop again. We continued with our advert for Freitag. One of my moodboards is of polaroids as I’m thinking of having a polaroid element in my ad. Whilst researching images for this, I came across ‘Andy Bloxham Plays with Polaroids’ which I think is very cool!:

Aside from that, our lecturer Peter showed us some great tutorials sites for photoshop, illustrator, indesign etc…


Computer Arts tutorials:


Peter also showed us an incredible studio called Electric Art. They are image-creators and try to be the best in the world! V inspiring work:

I’ve just been working on some homework. We each had to pull a name out of a hat and research that designer’s background and work. This will contribute towards a brief we will be doing soon – something to do with a history poster! The designer I picked out of the hat was Mark Farrow.  From wikipedia: His career began in the early 1980s designing experimental sleeves and posters for record labels such as Factory Records and The Haçienda, which placed him at the forefront of contemporary music graphic design. This has since continued with a longstanding creative partnership with the Pet Shop Boys, and other artists such as Spiritualized, Manic Street Preachers, Kylie Minogue, Snow Patrol and David Gray amongst others. His minimalist approach and highly precise attention to detail defines his aesthetic, and appeals to a broad spectrum of clients, from museums and galleries to pop music and retail, product designers and architects, to restaurateurs and artists. His clients include the British Museum, Camper, Jimmy Choo, Kew Garderns, Oliver Peyton, Saatchi and Saatchi amongst many more!

Some of my favourites amongst his work are the designs he did for the Royal Academy for some special edition wine bottles featuring work by Royal Academicians. Shown here are the Gary Hume and Tracey Emin bottles:

The Yes/Pandemonium identity Farrow did for the Pet Shop Boys:

The website done for awesome photographer Valerie Phillips:

As well as Manic Street Preachers ‘Lifeblood’ album cover and cd packaging:


That’s all for now but thanks a lot for reading and be back tomorrow!

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Today Kev showed us a cool video of a flute beat boxer to get our day off to a good start:

I find people like this inspiring  – they practise something they love and have a great talent. That video made me think of another video I saw a while back now, but really impressive still:

I love that piece of music anyway, one of my favourite’s ever :]

So, on the design front we got stuck into more Photoshop today. We actually created an animated gif website banner which was fun. The advert was for a very cool brand, Leica. Check out how sweet the Leica camera (and packaging!) is:

We looked at quite a few videos in class today, but one that particularly stood out for me was Academy Award winning filmmaker, Michel Gondry. He has done so much cool stuff including music videos for the White Stripes, Bjork, Beck, The Rolling Stones!!!

 <– Bjork

Our lecturer Mark also showed us a cool visual thesaurus today which I think is also available as an app for those who have lovely iphones. It helps with brainstorming and the concept development stage of designing.

We were also shown the Oxlabs website. Oxlabs main goal is to provide both the inspiration and the means for others to push the boundaries of computationally-based expression. 

At the end of the day, we got given a new brief, a very exciting one in fact. We have to design a full-page ad for Freitag – a designer bag company. The client wants the ad to be young and hip and in a collage-like style. I can’t wait to start on this as I love collage. Just as a starting point here’s a cool designer who uses collage in his work, Justin Blyth:

Anyways, I’m heading off to Oxford now :] I will be a-blogging over the weekend but hope you have a great weekend and thanks again for reading! A particularly happy weekend to my sister & brother Chloe & Ed as it’s their birthday tomorrow :] Happy Birthday lovelies!!!

With love, Gx




The day got off to a firing start with 2 awesome videos shown to the class this morning. Helen kindly showed us ‘Thought of You’ by the incredible artist/animator Ryan Woodward. I’ve actually watched this video a  lot ever since Daniel showed it to me, and his Christmas present from me this year was actually Ryan Woodward’s book! It shows how he did this video and how to do some amazing life drawing too. I’ll never get bored of watching this:

I don’t know how we got from the video above to the next one, but Mark showed this next one to us. Don’t think it needs any further explanation… just enjoy! :] …


The start of Photoshop

Today we got introduced to Photoshop. I enjoyed it a lot. I have used Photoshop a bit in the past but have never had any official training on the software so I feel I’ve been muddling my way through it a bit! Daniel and I did the website for Music at Oxford a few months ago so I got to use Photoshop then:

Today, I had a good ol’ chat with John at lunchtime about websites. He has more experience in website development and even has his own business so he was giving me good advice particularly on WordPress and Drupal sites.

Anyways it was good to learn some of the aspects of Photoshop properly today. We were taught about file types, file resolutions, document setup for print & web, lasso tools, selection techniques and clipping paths amongst more! After learning all that we had an hour and a half at the end of the day to work on an 3 banner ads for a brief for Saab. These ads were going to be put up on The Telegraph’s website. Saab created a mini site for the particular car we were designing the ads for. I really enjoyed navigating my way round the site. Sometimes flash sites can annoy me as they can feel overly fancy but I really liked this one:

The blogosphere

Today I also had a little look at the Shillington blog in between Photoshop exercises! One of our coursemates Mark posted on the blog recently, showing us ‘The Made Shop‘  – graphic designers with a particular focus on music and film. It was a great post and I am really pleased that I know them now as I love their work:

The Artist

Well, it’s not all work and no play on this course! Yvetta and I went to see ‘The Artist’ at the awesome ‘Genesis Cinema‘ at Whitechapel. Tickets there are only £3.50 on a Wednesday and £6.50 any other day, and it seemed really good value for money!

We both enjoyed the film and sort of forgot half way through that it was a ‘silent’ film. There was great music throughout and a happy ending which is always nice. Particularly liked the opening credits – a great font was used! I couldn’t find any photos of the font so for now here’s the film poster (maybe later on I can find an image of the credits font and will post it here)!:

Speaking of film credits has made me remember the end credits of an awesome film… ‘Rango’. I loved the style of the artwork and fonts used in those credits. You can see them here:

Anyways, that’s all for now and thanks again for reading!

With love, Gx